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About Me

My name is Sinéad O’Flynn, and I am the founder and director of Health 4 U. I have always had a passion for supporting people to live a balanced and healthy life since starting my career journey as a nurse.

I originally trained as a nurse in Manchester over 20 years ago, then worked in both Ireland and Australia in roles such as Clinical Nurse Specialist, Research Nurse, Nurse Advisor, Clinical Nurse Manger, and Assistant Director of Nursing.

I am an avid writer for various nursing journals and publications, a peer reviewer, and am also on the editorial board for nursing supplements.

A little bit about myself

Originally from Kildare, I have been living in Cork since 2008, having met my husband on my travels across Australia. We now have 2 beautiful children & 2 dogs who teach us every day how to live in the moment! As a family we are huge advocates for animal welfare & autism awareness. 

I started my career as a nurse over 20 years ago and have worked in Ireland, the UK and Australia in acute hospitals and primary care settings specialising in areas such as Gastrointestinal Disorders, Cardiovascular Risk Reduction, Autoimmune Disorders and Research, and most recently in the area of the microbiome.

My specialty roles in nursing led to my passion with nutrition, however I often felt restricted in being able to truly provide this aspect of care to my patients. Hence I decided to study Naturopathic Nutrition, so that I could combine my current expertise with a more holistic view of the body, enabling me to educate and support people to find the balance that will allow them to live their best life.

How does the process work?

What to expect ...

Discovery Call

Contact us & we’ll organise a date & time to call you to discuss the services best suited to your health care needs.  

Initial Consult

The initial consultation takes 1.5 hours, where we talk through your current & previous medical history, family history,  lifestyle, work, social life,  any existing symptoms, and will  discuss your goals so that we can develop a plan which is attainable for you.  We are all about being realistic at Health 4 U – we understand that your plan needs to be realsitic so that you can maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Nutritional Plan

Within a few days we will email you your Personalised Nutritional & Lifestyle Plan.  If you have any queries or require further support/advice you can contact us at any time during consultations.

Follow Up

Follow up consultations are recommended to measure your progress.  Balancing our bodily systems take time & we can not work on them all at once. We recommend a follow up period of 6-8 weeks after your initial consult. We will review your progress, discuss any new symptoms and provide you with an updated Nutritional & Lifestyle Plan.

"If you have come seeking support and advice, then you are already on the right road to recovering your body, and together we will work to find the best plan of nutritional care that will work for you, around both your personal and work life."

Sinead O Flynn Signature

Health 4 U

Health 4 U and My Story

Nutritional and lifestyle plans are life long plans which incorporate short term and long term goals, enabling people to live life to their optimum health.

I look forward to meeting with you, either in person or virtually, and am excited to work with you and support you as you begin on your new journey.

Qualifications & Experience

With over 20 years of nursing experience and qualifications in various fields, Sinéad is always learning and developing, and constantly evolving with the newest procedures and technology.

Sinéad has worked in roles of Health Promotion and Prevention within Primary Care since 2008, also carrying out and publishing research on the importance of community care services.

Diploma in Nursing

University of Salford

Graduate Diploma Gastrointestinal Nursing

University College Dublin

MSc Advanced Practice

University of Dundee

Graduate Certificate Clinical Trials

University College Cork

Distinction Training & Development

The Open College

Diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy

College of Naturopathic Medicine

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