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Unlock your personal health blueprint with Neutrigenomics. Genomics is transforming the way we understand and approach health, offering unprecedented insights into our genetic makeup.

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Welcome to the future of personalized health and wellness! Genomics is transforming the way we understand and approach health, offering unprecedented insights into our genetic makeup. Through genetic testing, we gain a comprehensive understanding of our DNA – the very code of life that influences every aspect of our well-being.

At Health 4 U, we believe in the power of nutrigenomics to unlock the secrets of your genetic makeup and pave the way for personalised wellness solutions. Led by Sinéad, a registered nurse, nutritional practitioner, and expert in nutrigenomics, our team specialises in providing tailored strategies that address the unique aspects of your health, from hormone balance to methylation and detoxification pathways.

  • All testing and guidance are led by Sinéad, a Registered Nurse, Registered Nutritional Practitioner with years of experience, so you know you’re in capable hands.

Why Genetic Testing Matters

Our genetic code, composed of small variations known as SNPs, plays a significant role in shaping our health and vitality. From hormone regulation to metabolic function and mental well-being, these genetic differences have profound effects on our overall health.

By examining your genetic differences, you unlock a personal health blueprint, providing detailed insights into your unique biological strengths and weaknesses. This deeper understanding empowers you to make informed decisions that optimise your health and well-being.

The Role of Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenomics explores how nutrition and lifestyle factors interact with our genetic potential. By understanding how our genes respond to different nutrients and lifestyle choices, we can make positive changes that align with our genetic makeup, optimizing our health and well-being

Comprehensive Genetic Reports

Our Approach

We utilise our genetic testing through leading experts in nutrigenomics testing and education,
applying the latest genomics science to enable a preventative, proactive and
personalised approach to health.
We chose these labs as they  identify the most
relevant, actionable genes and SNPs to create Lifecode Gx® unique,
comprehensive reports. 

Our genetic testing options cover a wide range of health concerns, allowing you to tailor your testing to your specific needs, here is a list of tests available:

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Nutrient Core

Nutrient Core: A broad-ranging report analyzing genes involved in food intolerance, appetite, blood sugar regulation, vitamin and mineral needs, detoxification, microbiome diversity, sleep, and inflammation susceptibility.

Hormones Health

Assess hormonal balance and sensitivity, particularly relevant for menopausal and reproductive health, also of huge benerit to make hormone health.


Investigate methylation, a critical biological process for immunity, fertility, energy, neurological health, and more.


Optimize metabolic health, energy, and longevity by analyzing genes influencing appetite, sugar and fat metabolism, cholesterol levels, mitochondria function, and more.

Histamine Intolerance

Identify genetic factors contributing to histamine intolerance and allergic-type symptoms.

Nervous System

Explore genes impacting neurotransmitter function for psychological and mental well-being.


Looks at genes involved in thyroid hormone synthesis, activation, transport, and metabolism, as well as susceptibility to inflammation and autoimmunity.


Identifies genetic predispositions to processing toxins and pollutants, supporting detoxification pathways.


Reports APOE genotype to assess the risk for late-onset Alzheimer's disease, along with other relevant genes related to methylation, inflammation, toxicity, and cardio and neuroprotection.


Outlines relevant genes related to energy production, musculoskeletal strength, cardiovascular health, and recovery and repair, enabling a personalized approach to training, recovery, and performance.

      Knowledge is power with our nutrigenomics              Expertise

Don’t be intimidated by the unknown. Health 4 U uses Lifecode Gx® nutrigenomics approach, applying genetic testing backed by clinical expertise and referenced scientific literature, our service offers personalised insights into your genetic makeup to identify the key factors Take the first step towards personalised health and wellness today with Health 4 U. Unlock your genetic potential and embark on your journey to optimal health.
There are different levels of support from the Health 4 U expert team for you to choose from, in order to feel better, gain more energy, and enjoy a positive outlook on life, empowered with the tools to handle future challenges. 

What Happens

  • Choose your programme level.
  • Choose your test preference.  Alternatively we can decide which test is most suited for you based on the answers in your health questionnaire. 
  • Complete health questionnaire.
  • Receive test kit, obtain sample  & return.
  • Consultation will be booked to discuss your analysis & recommendations.  (This takes approx 3 weeks from date of returned sample).
  • Further support is dedicated by your chose programme, details below. 

Genetic Insight

Genetic Wellness

Genetic Mastery

  • Genetic Test x 1
  • 45 min Consultation – Anaylsis & Recommendations
  • Results & Summary Emailed after
  • Genetic Test x 1
  • 60 min Consultation – Anaylsis & Recommendations
  • Results & Summary Emailed after
  • 45 min Review Consultation after 4 weeks
  • Payment Plan Available
  • Genetic Test x 2
  • 60 min Consultation – Anaylsis & Recommendations
  • Continued Support provided through our Personalised Programmes  with 9 further sessions of 30-45 mins over 12 weeks. 
  • Payment Plan available

Other Options

There are also other targeted programmes looking at for example Stress Management, where you will have access to a 3 month period of our online courses in gut health, hormone health, nervous system support and sample menu planners & recipes.  Click HERE to find out more. 

Meet Sinéad

Sinéad is passionate about an integrated approach to inspire healthy lifestyles.

Sinéad hails from Co. Kildare, a dedicated GAA supporter, particularly of the Lilywhites but also of the Rebels, her adopted county!  She loves all sports & is fanaticial about Advocacy for humnas & animals alike.  Marriage brought Sinéad to Cork & she has 2 amazing children she adores alongside some amazing dogs!

Sinéad is the founder of Health 4 U, and as a registered nurse, expert nutritional practitioner, advocate for good gut health, and health coach, she is the ideal patron to guide you back to optimum health and well-being. Her range of nursing experience both in the UK and Ireland, as well as internationally has provided a solid foundation for her vocation in nutrition.

Sinéad is passionate about helping men and women from many backgrounds around the world who have succumbed to the negative impact of work and life stress and are displaying acute stress response symptoms, including ones you may not even be aware of.

Her special interests include helping people with

Gut Transformation

Perimenopause and Menopause

Long Covid

Mould Exposure


Histamine Intolerance

Food Sensitivities

Sulphite Sensitivities

Lifestyle Wellness Advocate

Read more about Sinéad

      Let us take care of you

All of your health concerns and frustrations are valid. So whether it’s something that’s been limiting your life quality for a while or just your vested interest in a more balanced lifestyle, Health 4 U will take care of it all.


Let Us Take Care of You!

All of your health concerns and frustrations are valid. So whether it’s something that’s been limiting your life quality for a while or just your vested interest in a more balanced lifestyle, Health 4 U will take care of it all.

Rediscover Your Healthiest Self!

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