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Read reviews and testimonials from previous clients of Health 4 U, and hear what they have to say about their experience with us.

Thank you to Karen for sharing her very personal experience of her perimenopausal journey, histamine reactions & mould exposure.  Karen was motivated throughout her programme, despite some knock backs which happened a couple of times, which is what life always throws a us!  Karen worked on through with shear determination & it was a pleasure to see the outcome.  She is now navigating her health herself, well done Karen. 
Patricia shares her journey of perimenopause and some very frightening allergic reactions she was expereincing.  Patricia was determined from the outset that she was going to get to the root cause of this, & thats exactly what we did & now shes living her best life eating all around her again! Thank you Patricia for sharing your story. 

Thank you to Annmarie for sharing her story of Gut Health & Mould toxicity.  Annmarie put her heart & soul into her programme & is now reaping the rewards of having her life back, symptom free. 

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