Gut Transformation Programme

Say Goodbye to Bloating, Irritability, Weight Gain, Low Mood, Fatigue & Sleepless Nights with our 6 Week Programme Specifically targeted for Your Gut Health!

Get rid of your digestive discomfort

The 6-week Gut Transformation Programme is an intensive gut clearance protocol to support normalisation of healthy gut function. Most suited to those, age 12 yrs & upwards & experiencing digestive discomfort such as bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, gas, reflux & abdominal discomfort

Some of the supplements may not be suitable for anyone pregnant or breastfeeding, those with gastritis or gastric ulcers – please contact Health 4 U before purchasing if this relates to you.
It incorporates the 5R approach & uses targeted nutritional, digestive enzyme and probiotic formulas, alongside a targeted food plan, to support gut function & get your digestive system functioning at its optimal.

How the 5R approach works


First it is important to remove potential harmful micro-organisms which may be residing in the gut and cause adverse symptoms. Natural herbal anti-microbials support this process. Stripping the diet to wholesome basic foods & drinks which commonly are problematic for the gut allows the gut time to heal and restore optimal function.


The gut produces digestive enzymes important to break down food so nutrients can be absorbed. These are produced in the mouth, stomach & small intestine. If the body doesn’t produce enough enzymes, the digestive process is hampered setting off a vicious cycle where food isn't digestive causing digestive symptoms.


Research shows a healthy diverse gut microbiome of good gut health & optimal health. This component focuses on nourishing this immensely important intestinal population of microbes. Increasing beneficial prebiotic fibres. Adding fermented foods alongside supplementation nurture this crucial internal environment.


When digestive factors are low & infectious micro-organisms & problematic foods in the diet, the gut wall can become damaged (leaky gut) which can cause more systemic health problems. This component focuses on providing key nutrients to support gut wall integrity.


This crucial component involves making an assessment of what needs to be done to maintain your new level of gut health. You will slowly reintroduce problematic foods & drinks 1 at a time to evaluate how your body responds. Some foods you may need to avoid for longer & others may be seamlessly re-introduced. It is also time now to assess your current health & decide what habits to keep to retain your new improved gut health.

How the 5R approach works

Gut Transformation Programme - Health 4 U

What’s included


  • The 1st consultation is to determine your current health status & gain information on your current medical history to ensure supplements are not contraindicated with any medications you take / illness you have.
  • Support is provided throughout through communication within my client system app. 

Gut Transformation Programme (GTP)

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