Toxin Cleansing Programme


This home, 14-day programme will reduce your exposure to toxins and support your body’s clearance pathways for detoxification. It provides a targeted formula to help protect your body from oxidative stress. It is suitable for a vast array of health issues such as sinus, blocked nose, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, depression. The programme will cleanse the body, increase your mineral and vitamin absorption, clear skin, aid weight loss and reduce symptoms of toxicity, while improving your overall cellular health. Suitable for adults only and some supplements are not recommended if pregnant or breast feeding.

The 14-day Toxin Cleansing Programme is completed in the comfort of your own home through guidance and support from a Nurse and Nutritional Practitioner. The programme uses a specific supplement regime alongside a low allergenic food plan to provide a targeted formula which will protect your body from oxidative stress. The comprehensive programme pack includes all supplements, food lists, shopping lists, menu planners, recipes, quick and easy meal ideas, a supplement protocol, FAQ’s and a workbook to document your progress.

The programme is divided into 3 sections;
Days 1-6 & Days 10-14 where you consume 3 meals and 2 snacks including a metabolic drink which supports liver cleansing. Days 7-9 are liquid only days – this includes nourishing juices and soups (recipes included) and the metabolic drink.

**Days 7-9 do not need to be liquid only; you can maintain the same diet for days 1-14 if you prefer. The only foods recommended to be omitted in this programme are allergenic foods listed in the programme. **

You will score your toxic load before you commence the programme and again after completion.

The programme is suitable for all adults. Some supplements are not recommended in pregnancy/breastfeeding and some may interact with medication you are taking, which Health 4 U will assess and discuss with you prior to shipping of the package.


What’s Included

– 1 Phone consultation prior to commencing the programme.
– 1 Follow up email with recommendations on completion of your workbook.
– Access to a Facebook support group for the toxin clearance programme. We check in regularly to answer queries for clients using this programme. You can interact with other members on this group for added support.
– All supplements.
– A booklet containing …
– Step by step instructions.
– FAQs.
– Food suggestions.
– Food lists.
– Recipes.
– Menu planner.
– Detox resources.
– Workbook to fill in to determine your progress.


– The 1st consultation is to determine your current health status & gain information on your current medical history to ensure supplements are not contraindicated with any medications you take/illness you have. If there are contraindications, you may have a choice to continue the plan without certain supplements or receive a refund.
– We do ask you to return your programme booklet in the SAE so we can provide you with follow up recommendations.


Supplements are taken at different stages throughout the programme, which the booklet explains in detail, and included are …

1 x UltraClear Plus Nutritional Powder (Large Tub)
– Designed to support metabolic clearing and phase II clearance processes, UltraClear Plus pH provides macro and micro nutrients for alkalising support. (Suitable for vegetarians. Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.)

1 x bottle of Metalipoate
– ALA is often referred to as the “master antioxidant” – able to go anywhere in the body, even crossing the blood-brain-barrier. ALA helps to combat free radical damage, and it helps to regenerate other important antioxidants. It’s also an important co-factor in energy production within cells, helping turn our food into energy. (Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Discuss use during pregnancy or breastfeeding with practitioner.)

1 x bottle of Glutathione Plus
– Glutathione has the ability to recycle other antioxidants, as well as protect cells from oxidative damage. (Caution during pregnancy or breastfeeding.)

1 x bottle of N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine
– Designed to offer antioxidant support and protect cells from oxidative damage. (Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Caution during pregnancy or breastfeeding, discuss with Practitioner before use.)

1 x bottle of Psyllium & Apple Pectin
– The combination of fibres, activated charcoal and synergistic ingredients may help to support normal bowel function and healthy digestion. (Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.)


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