Lifestyle management for a brighter tomorrow

Has feeling overwhelmed become the standard?

Are anxiety and fatigue common factors in your everyday life?

Grappling with work-related stress?

Carrying unnecessary weight and body discomfort?


The list could go on. In today’s fast-paced world of long working hours and juggling various family responsibilities, poor diet and sub-par lifestyle choices have become acceptable. We rarely have time for true self-care and instead settle for sleepless nights, irrational mood swings, and a general feeling of unease and dissatisfaction.


Health 4 U breaks the negative cycle of feeling stressed out by offering a lifestyle management overhaul based on a comprehensive stress hormone reaction test that analyses the hormonal impact on your sleep, energy, behaviour, mood, weight, and body.


  • All testing and guidance are led by Sinéad, a registered nurse, nutritional therapist, and holistic health improvement practitioner with years of experience, so you know you’re in capable hands.

Completey Turnaround Your Health & Well-Being.

A full health check positions us to create an individualised health and well-being plan to get your life back on track. When we get to the root causes of why you’ve been feeling low and struggling with daily life, we have the power to focus on the best possible solutions to completely turn your health woes around and set you up for a long-term happier and stronger future where you feel more in control.
As part of our consultation and health analysis, you can expect recommendations such as:
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Nutrition Programme

An advanced nutrition programme, including sample menu plans and recipes

Gut Health

Education on Gut Health & recommendations for supplements specific for you.

Personalised Approach

Suggestions of vitamins for fatigue specific to your report

Health Advice

Advice on topics such as perimenopause and menopause & Hormone Health for Men

Tips to Calm that Stress response

Mind and body relaxation techniques


You’ll also get three months of access to educational content that will help you learn and understand the impact of gut, brain, and hormone health and how they work interconnectively. This is especially useful for those with a keen interest or background in health and fitness, who are eager to learn more about how to refine their diet and lifestyle choices to maximise health benefits.

      Knowledge is power with our nutrigenomics              Expertise

Don’t be intimidated by the unknown. Health 4 U uses a nutrigenomics approach, applying a hormone test to identify the key factors of stress so we can develop a focused plan of action. You’ll have the knowledge and support from the Health 4 U expert team to feel better, gain more energy, and enjoy a positive outlook on life, empowered with the tools to handle future challenges. Here’s some of the information we gather:


  • Order your test
  • Approx 3 weeks for results to return
  • Consultation with a Registered Nurse & Registered Nutritonal Practitioner 
  • Looking at levels of serotonin, melatonin, dopamine, and adrenalin, among others


  • Gain a better understanding of your happy and feel-good hormones
  • Analyse your sleep quality
  • Identify factors that contribute to weight gain
  •  Understand stress triggers
  • Target brain fog causes

An integrated approach to inspire healthy lifestyles

Meet Sinéad

Sinéad is the founder of Health 4 U, and as a registered nurse, expert nutritional practitioner, advocate for good gut health, and health coach, she is the ideal patron to guide you back to optimum health and well-being. Her range of nursing experience both in the UK and Ireland, as well as internationally has provided a solid foundation for her vocation in nutrition.

Sinéad is passionate about helping men and women from many backgrounds around the world who have succumbed to the negative impact of work and life stress and are displaying acute stress response symptoms, including ones you may not even be aware of.

Her special interests include helping people with

Gut Transformation

Perimenopause and Menopause

Lifestyle Wellness Advocate

Long Covid

Mould Exposure


Histamine Intolerance

Food Sensitivities

Sulphite Sensitivities.

Read more about Sinéad

      Let us take care of you

All of your health concerns and frustrations are valid. So whether it’s something that’s been limiting your life quality for a while or just your vested interest in a more balanced lifestyle, Health 4 U will take care of it all.


Let Us Take Care of You!

All of your health concerns and frustrations are valid. So whether it’s something that’s been limiting your life quality for a while or just your vested interest in a more balanced lifestyle, Health 4 U will take care of it all.

Rediscover Your Healthiest Self!

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