Genetic Functional Testing

Want to know what has been my success??!! And I mean True success, I feel like how I did in my 20’s!

Are you wondering how you could get your energy back, get rid of that irritability, that dread, the anxiety, get your weight under control & generally just feel like you used to before life intervened in adulthood & played havoc on your health!!  You too could be like my clients, finding that success that remains……it doesn’t fluctuate up & down or come & go, you get to keep the success you create!

Today I want to talk to you about something I am very passionate about – genetic & functional testing – because it holds the key to solving your sense of overwhelm, sleepless nights, dragging yourself out of bed in the mornings, craving carbs & sugar, feel like you could sleep all day!

Remember how detectives use clues to solve mysteries? As a Nurse, Nutritional & Integrative Health Practitioner, with my years of experience in gut health, female health & the microbiome I’m like a health detective, and genetic & functional testing is my secret weapon for uncovering the root causes of your health concerns. No more wondering “why” – these tests can help us unlock the “what” and build a personalised plan to help you feel better. There’s something very empowering, too, about having answers in black and white.

If you’re wondering, what exactly is functional testing, let me explain. Simply put, it’s a way to go beyond traditional diagnostics and peek deeper into your body’s inner workings. We can assess things like:

Genetic Predispositions: Understand exactly how your body reads your DNA which may be the cause of your symptoms, this then supports you to modify how your body reads that DNA & is the key t your success.

Nutrient deficiencies: Are you missing out on essential vitamins and minerals?

Microbiome Testing: Understand which of your microbiota are depleted so you know which ones you need to replenish.

Food sensitivities: Is that afternoon fatigue or headache linked to hidden intolerances?

Inflammation levels: Is chronic inflammation silently impacting your wellbeing?

Hormonal imbalances: Are hormonal fluctuations causing unwanted symptoms?

By understanding these deeper factors, we can create a roadmap to address them, not just manage symptoms. There’s so much information available to us as practitioners these days, all of which enables me to provide a bespoke programme for my clients because I truly understand their health.

Sadly, many of the tests I run are not available through the HSE, depending o your health insurer, some test may be covered. This can mean that to access the information, you have to pay privately. Since you are receiving my emails, I know how much you care about your health and it is worth thinking about what these tests can do for You.

So, let’s talk about why are genetic & functional tests a good investment in your health?

Here are 5 compelling reasons:

Personalised approach: Nutritional Mentoring is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Tests uncover your unique needs, leading to targeted nutrition, lifestyle, environmental and supplement plans for optimal results.

Identify the root cause: Stop chasing symptoms and uncover the origin of the problem so you can address the underlying imbalances for long-term solutions.

Empowerment & knowledge: There are few things more empowering than gaining valuable insights into your body and taking full control of your health journey.

Preventative action: Genetic & Functional testing can detect imbalances before they manifest as symptoms, empowering you to take proactive steps towards maintaining optimal health – and preventing future health concerns.

Improved wellbeing: How do you know you are getting all the essential nutrients your body needs? Testing can assess your nutrient status, and addressing imbalances can lead to increased energy, reduced symptoms, and overall better health. For some tests, we don’t just test once. Repeat testing can see how well you are progressing.

My clients find the best success when accessing testing through my personalised programmes because the ongoing regular reviews allow us to adapt a plan around what is happening, realistic & logistical for my clients.  I’m a busy Mom myself with as hectic a life as you all & I know exactly how you can not implement something which does not fit inside your family life & is why I often don’t recommend very restrictive diets, because these are not sustainable for most people so I work with supporting you to get results within your reality.

Ready to unlock your health potential? Let’s talk! I’m here to answer any questions and guide you through the process of functional testing.

If your looking for ongoing support, Don’t delay, my personalised programmes are available September to May, only a few weeks to book those programmes.  You can still access testing with consultations May – August.

Click here to book your genetic testing programme now. 

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