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Understanding Your Heart Health

Understanding Your Heart Health

Cholesterol To understand Cholesterol and its role in Cardiovascular Disease let’s take a look at the role of lipids and fatty acids in our bodies. Lipids Lipids are made up of several different types of compounds.  Liver and adipose cells  synthesise lipids from glucose or amino acids through lipogenesis which is stimulated by insulin.  Lipids …

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Immune Responses

Immune Responses – What is It?

Long Covid, HIT or MCAS? Long Covid Many people are presenting to medical professionals with a list of unexplained symptoms & those with Long Covid symptoms are presenting with similar complaints to those who have HIT or MCAS. “Covid 19 hyperinflammation  is consistent with mast-cell driven inflammation” – Dr Tina Peers, UK. Symptoms Fatigue …

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Supporting Your Immunity

Take Control of Your Life Understanding Your Immune System Our immune system is our Defence mechanism. It defends against infections. Distinguishes against self and non self antigen. Repairs any injury at site. Has memory to  enhance repeated exposure. Increases our antigen specific immune cells. There are 2 responses to our immune system; Innate Immunity – …

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