Preventing Ill Health

Understanding Your Health is the
Key to Preventing Ill Health

When we think about our health, it is important to remember that health is not just about the absence of disease but also about the presence of positive vitality.

Health Promotion & Prevention has long been a passion of mine and is the reason why Health 4 U was founded.

Understanding our own body, from the perspective of, knowing when something feels off, knowing what affects us through food, the environment, our working environments & indeed our social environments.  As it is only through this knowledge can we prevent ill health. We are our own greatest advocates, it is only ourselves who know when something is not right, despite what you may be told if attending a medical practitioner.

I believe if people are empowered with this knowledge, they will more confidentiality look after their health and not feel so indebted to someone else’s opinion of ‘their body’.

How Do You Do This?

Your gut health is the single most important aspect of keeping your body in optimal health. The gut is a very important organ in keeping our body in check, but is one that is very much over looked.  If our gut is not functioning effectively it has a knock on effect on our other body systems.

There is a huge link between the gut and the brain, through your vagus nerve.  If the gut cant clear waste materials effectively your body find detoxifying difficult.  When people suffer with digestive symptoms or find weight management difficult, despite all their best efforts, a gut or/and hormone imbalance is often at play.

Ensuring you eat a diet rich with pre and pro biotic foods will help your gut to grow beneficial strains of good bacteria.  This is called our microbiome, it is as individual to us as our finger print.  Research is showing more and more how our microbiome is our genetics and reports that we can alter how our body reads our DNA through Epigenetics, the changing of our diet and lifestyle with the environment around us.

Feeding our gut a diet rich in these foods helps to prevent conditions such as leaky gut, where our gut lining breaks down over time due to low grade inflammation, allowing toxins to leak through, resulting in symptoms such as bloating, discomfort, itching, fatigue.

How Do We Prevent Disease?

Health screening is a very effective way to early detection of particular conditions / diseases, allowing you better control over your health.  Testing your risk of conditions / disease is a great way to identify if you are risk & then enables you to choose a path to optimal health in preventing these conditions.  Understanding results and what levels are optimal, is an important way to prevent ill health.

Early detection of disease means that you can give your body the best defence against these conditions/diseases preventing chronic disease through diet and lifestyle changes.

Health 4 U provides Diagnostic Health Screening which allows us to tailor your nutritional & lifestyle plans to optimise your health & prevent ill health

Health Screening at Health 4 U
  • Blood Pressure & Heart rate – this allows us to determine your risk of conditions such as atrial fibrillation, stroke, heart attacks.
  • Cardiovascular screening – Instant results of Full lipid profiles, the gold standard for measuring your risk of heart disease is the non-HDL ratio.
  • Diabetes screening – HbA1C – instant results which will determine your risk, of developing diabetes which can contribute to a myriad of other illness’s.
  • Inflammatory markers – Instant results of  C Reactive protein measures our level of inflammation in our body.  While CRP cannot detect exactly where that inflammation is, in corporation with nutritional therapy assessments, the results can indicate if you need to look at food choices to reduce inflammation in the body to improve your quality of life. Low grade inflammation over time leads to chronic disease.
  • Haemoglobin – instant result of your iron level and is important to understand if your levels are optimal or not, as a diet low in iron can have a myriad of symptoms such as fatigue, feeling short of breath, confusion, agitation, lower concentration levels.  This is a great test to detect lower iron levels in children as it is a fingertip test meaning a much less invasive procedure than have a venous blood sample taken.
  • Kidney Disease – Instant result of your Albumin creatinine ratio is measured to test for your risk of kidney disease which is a particularly important screening for those who already have high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes.
  • Omega 3 Levels – measures Omega 3 Index, Omegs 6:3 & AA:EPA ratio to determine your risk of disease with heart & brain health & your longevitiy.  These tests take approx. 1 week for results to be returned.
  • Vitamin D Levels – ensuring your vitamin D level is sufficient can protect your bone health, immunity & your vitality. These tests take approx. 1 week for results to be returned.
  • Food Sensitivity Testing – Antibody testing to determine food / environment sources which may be contributing to low grade inflammation.  These results take approx. 1 week & will guide an elimination diet to reset your immune system.
Why Choose Health 4 U?

Quite simply the answer is time, listening & truly hearing what is happening to you. When you attend your GP or a consultant you will have 15- 20 mins appointments looking at the symptoms you present with that day, they  don’t have the time to detail all that is going on for you.  At Health 4 U, our in depth holistic assessments give us the full picture of what is going on in your body. We look at your current medical history, your past medical history right back to when you were born, your family history, your lifestyle, home life, work life and then we go through each body system in detail, we fact find, looking to find the root cause of imbalances, the reason why you are experiencing whichever symptom / difficultly your having, we don’t treat disease or condition perse, we support and guide you to optimal health to manage current health issues / prevent chronic disease.


Look at providing positive vitality for yourself today, understand your body & believe in yourself as only you know when something does not feel right for your body.  

Think about your health risks, diet, current environment & lifestyle.  If you feel health screening will help or start you on the journey to prevent disease, have a look at the our  and the services we offer.  We will support & guide you on the road to optimal health.

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