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Month: September 2021


The Impact of Stress What is Stress Stress should not be viewed in a negative context.  We all need to stress to stimulate and develop ourselves.  Our internal reactions are what determines the response not the actual stressor.  Stress arises as a maladaptation response to stressors.  Internal reaction is individualised and we all experience it …

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Berry Smoothie

Berry Smoothie

Makes 2 Smoothies Ingredients 360ml unsweetened almond milk 1 scoop of protein powder (vanilla pairs well) 150g frozen strawberries 100g frozen blueberries 60g frozen raspberries 75g frozen blackberries Instructions Blend all the ingredients together and serve. Allergens: Nuts To learn more recipes which can be part of  a diet to help you Balance and Support …

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Understanding Your Heart Health

Understanding Your Heart Health

Cholesterol To understand Cholesterol and its role in Cardiovascular Disease let’s take a look at the role of lipids and fatty acids in our bodies. Lipids Lipids are made up of several different types of compounds.  Liver and adipose cells  synthesise lipids from glucose or amino acids through lipogenesis which is stimulated by insulin.  Lipids …

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